1. The hirer shall be responsible for the return of all equipment and clothing in good order and condition.
  2. Equipment and clothing must not be substituted. This includes toboggans and skis which are numbered. Such items inscribed with a number must be returned as was hired.
  3. All equipment and clothing must be returned by 6:30 pm on the last day of the hire. Daily rates will apply for late returns.
  4. Mystic Mountains Ski Hire will not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage from any cause. There is no warranty implied for safety or fitness.
  5. The hirer agrees to reimburse Mystic Mountains Ski Hire for the loss or damage to any clothing or equipment.
  6. Orders which are not collected by 11am on the day of hire will be returned to stock and may be hired by other customers.Refunds will not be available.
  7. Orders may be collected the day before (after 5pm) provided that you have so indicated on the order. This does not apply for collection on Saturdays or Sundays.
  8. On weekends, orders should be collected from the express queue. This will ensure a minimal (if any) wait. Clothing and footwear should be tried on for correct fit prior to leaving and exchanged if necessary. Excessive changes of clothing and/or footwear and additions to your order may result in you have to join the queue with those who haven't pre-ordered.
  9. If the chains you order are required for your vehicle on the day in question, you must not leave the store until you have had a demonstration of how to fit them.