Second week of the school holidays

Well,  our long-waited system proved a bit of a fizzer for Lake Mountain. The temperature was right, but there was not nearly enough moisture to deliver enough snow.

However, the mountain continues to churn out lots of man-made snow, and holidaying school children and their families are having a great time.  So don't let the web cams spoil the kids' fun for these school holidays.  Come up  and have a ball.

When will it snow?

Well, we told you there was likely to be snow this weekend. The only thing that's changed is that it will probably come a day earlier than we initially thought, but we're certainly not complaining! We're expecting Thursday's rain to turn to snow overnight and for it to snow for most of Friday and Saturday.  This is what it should do.

There is a chance though, that the weather may be too much from the west and not enough from the south. We'll really only know as the system progresses. So check the webcams after 8am on Friday morning and then again during the next couple of days. What we want is lots of that white stuff. When  is the best time to hit the snow after a snowfall? The first fine day after it - good snow and good weather - it doesn't get much better.

Lots of snow

Despite the lack of natural snow, the mountain has been making heaps of snow with these bitterly cold nights. There are now 2 toboggan slopes fully covered with snow, so don't let the lack of natural snow stop you from making the trip.

Next week I understand they will be making snow for the skiers Sprint X race next weekend, and that should ensure plenty of snow on the ski school beginner area for the school holidays.

First week of school holidays

The weather charts aren't looking so favourable for the first week of the school holidays, but there is plenty of man-made snow for everyone to have a lot of fun with. On Saturday the 29th, the mountain will hold its annual Sprint X race.  Come and watch these crazy skiers racing for real cash. Maybe it will inspire you to join them on your next trip!

Now, the weather outlook. Not so good for the next week, but then it looks like things will change for the better. There seems to be a monster system headed our way which should result in some pretty intense blizzards around about the weekend of 6th & 7th of July. Remember, you heard it here first!  From the ski hire that understands snow and what you want.

 If this comes off, the best time to go to the mountain for the school holidays would be mid week  - 9th, 10th, 11th of July. Traditionally though, that is also the time the mountain gets busy.   We'll keep you informed of the progress of this system as the time gets closer.  In the meantime, come on up - there's plenty of man-made snow for all snow players.

Sale: Ex-Rental Clothing

We have some ex-rental clothing available. We have been selling it through the summer months, but we still have a good range of kids all-in-one suits and adult jackets available for $40. Unfortunately, all the kids' jackets have sold except for red jackets in sizes 12 and 14. A couple of these are still there at only $20. We also have a number of adults' shorter legged insulated pants available at $40. These are designed for those of us who always find pants legs are too long. So drop in, and check out the ex-rental rack.